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From XPOMET© with Love


From XPOMET© with Love

To a great like-minded crowd:

Thank You!

We’re looking back on three days of interdisciplinary exchange, inspiring sessions and projects, an international forward thinking get-together of a crowd that fuels progress and lives the spirit of a new era in healthcare. With XPOMET we tried to create a fresh and unconventional platform where all those passionate and driven people meet, interact and find new ideas or even collaborations with each other. The idea was to give an inspired big picture of innovation and open a space for conversations between all of the players.

We are very happy that every single person there used this platform with full energy and enthusiasm as this brought our „baby“ to life.

About 1,5 years ago, when we started to create our XPOMET network, a big percentage of people we talked to smiled about the idea of bringing all of these topics together in just one event – it wasn’t a positive smile and one of our favourite sentences became „We don’t need another healthcare event on the market“. So as rocky that road towards last week was as confirming were those three convention days – and this is thanks to you: XPOMET partners, advisors, supporters, speakers, exhibitors, project leaders, visitors! Thank you for making this possible and taking a risk with us!

Special thanks to our Advisory Board!

Over 50 experts does our XPOMET advisory board count – 50 experts that volunteered and spent a lot of time they don’t have on all of the projects you’ve seen at the convention. Without them we wouldn’t had been able to initiate the Future ER, the InterX.0, the Patient’s Room and so on. Also wouldn’t we have had any Think Tanks – therefore a couple of content gaps in the program. But the most special part about this was the collaboration itself – expertise and know how met creativity and a new way of thinking in interdisciplinary project groups which let us learn so many incredible things and in the end create the heart of XPOMET.

We would like to thank everyone of you for your patience, perseverance and the great effort you brought to this project and hope that you’ll keep walking this way with us.

What now? Feedback Round …

As the impressions are still fresh we would be very thankful for your feedback, criticism, ideas for improvement etc. It will be important to develop each project and each part of the convention in order to make it fulfil its purpose in the future. Also very welcome are new ideas, partners, topics etc. XPOMET is supposed to remain a joint effort so let’s connect and get together!

Think Tanks

It’s quite a while till 2019 – so we’d like to keep the spirit going till then with smaller events of the German Association on Digital Health (VdigG e.V.) and our XPOMET Think Tanks. The Think Tank summaries from last week will be available for you soon and also your feedback on the Think Tank sessions are very welcome.

Think Tank and event invitations will come to you via mail or social media.


We’re looking forward to see all of you again soon!

Your XPOMET Team


Credit: Titelbild: XPOMET© Convention 

Text: Josefine Hofmann