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Meet the XPOMET© Speakers:
Dr. Shafi Ahmed


The World’s most-watched Surgeon

New technologies will have a great impact on all various aspects in the entire medical field. Medical education is one of them – and it’s not just the way how med students are being taught in the future, it should also be a question of what they’re being taught.

Dr. Shafi Ahmed, world-famous virtual surgeon, cancer specialist, futurist, entrepreneur, innovator and teacher, made this task his priority.

His aim is to merge the world of medicine, global education and virtual reality to democratize and scale surgical education in order to make it affordable and accessible to everyone.

“The power of connection” is key in achievements of this dimension and became more than just a catchphrase in the last few years. Thanks to visionaries like Dr. Ahmed – who is also a member of the global PinkSocks Community that US digital health evangelist Nick Adkins, who is also a speaker at our Innovation Congress, brought to live – we find ourselves in the middle of a great global healthcare movement that fosters innovation, revolutionizes entire fields and fuels technological and systemic progress.

But how does Dr. Ahmed do it and what is he doing differently?

  • He became the most-watched surgeon in human history
  • He uses his vision and influence to disrupt medical education

In 2014, Dr. Ahmed reached 14,000 students in 132 countries by streaming a live operation using Google Glass. In 2016, he performed the world’s first virtual reality operation, which was watched by 55,000 people in 140 countries and reached 4.5 million on Twitter. Exceeding even this, he used Snapchat Spectacles later that year to teach surgery, which had been viewed by over 2 million people, had over 100,000 downloads, and reached 54 million people on Twitter.

In addition, his company Medical Realities recently released the first VR interactive surgical training module and with introducing Bart’s X Medicine Programme to Barts and the London Medical School, he disrupted the traditional medical education by bringing future technologies, entrepreneurship and skills such as coding, web and app development on the schedule.

There is an enormous appetite amongst the medical students to engage in developing solutions that will benefit patients in the future.

Three of our XPOMET© brains have recently been invited by Facebook Oculus to discuss the possibilities of VR in healthcare within a small but versatile circle of digital tech experts from the German healthcare market. During the conclusion round, there was one opinion recommending that VR developers should mainly focus on the possibilities in physical and psychological therapy instead of medical education, which undeniably encountered incomprehension on our side – knowing what kind of revolution and impact innovators like Dr. Ahmed are bringing to their field – especially in medical education.
On the other hand, it particularly affirmed what we and our partners work for on a daily basis.

We at XPOMET© are proud to create a new format for the healthcare event market that attracts so many international high-profile speakers like Dr. Shafi Ahmed. We believe, that the new global healthcare movement also needs a platform within the German speaking sector in order to establish a fresh interdisciplinary culture that stimulates innovation and international exchange. To get more insights on our mission, check out our program, follow our blog and social postings or subscribe to the newsletter on our website.

XPOMET© Session March 23, 2018
Dr. Shafi Ahmed – Virtual Reality: How it will Change Health & Medicine


Text by Josefine Hofmann & Natalie Erlach

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