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CYBATHLON – Moving People and Technology

CYBATHLON – Moving People and Technology

The first CYBATHLON was successfully launched 2016 as an international event in which people with disabilities or physical weakness use advanced assistive devices, including robotic technologies, to compete against each other. 66 pilots assisted by 400 team members in 56 teams from 25 nations participated in six different disciplines. The disciplines were the ‘Brain-Computer Interface Race’, ‘Functional Electrical Stimulation Bike Race‚, ‘Powered Arm Prosthesis Race’ ‘Powered Leg Prosthesis Race’, ‘Powered Exoskeleton Race’, and ‘Powered Wheelchair Race’, all of them focusing on solving tasks of everyday life.

Looking at the millions of people who use technical assistance systems in their daily lives, Robert Riener, Professor at ETH Zurich, initiated the CYBATHLON.

The main goal of the CYBATHLON is to promote the development of assistive technologies that are useful for everyday life. Furthermore, a central ambition of the Cybathlon is to promote the exchange between people with disabilities, technology providers and the public in order to raise awareness of the challenges faced by people with disabilities.

In order to get ready for CYBATHLON 2020, new event formats are organized, such as the CYBATHLON Series. One Series per discipline is planned for 2018 and 2019 hosted by universities all around the globe. Opening up the theme of disability and assistive technology for discussion worldwide, deepening knowledge within specific disciplines, and promoting scientific exchange worldwide are just some of the drivers behind the CYBATHLON Series.

Furthermore, CYBATHLON Experience is set up to allow visitors to gain deep insights into uses and limitations of technologies for people with disabilities and to promote the interaction with public at fairs, conferences or festivals. A CYBATHLON Experience can include show races, hands-on demos, pilots presenting their experiences, talks or panel discussions.

Vortrag von Dr. Roland Sigrist und Dario Wyss am 23. März 2018

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