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Essence. Innovative topics need an innovative format – with five stages, a trend-setting innovation congress, the Future Health Exhibition, a sophisticated startup area and numerous networking features is the XPOMET© Convention a unique international network of innovation in the DACH market.

Actors. The focus of the event is on companies, institutions and individuals who are a driving force in the development of the entire medical field. The convention is aimed towards all stakeholders in the healthcare sector, particularly doctors, nurses, medical institutions, the protagonists of medical engineering, the modern pharmacy as well as biotechnology and students.

Purpose. The further development of medicine lies in the gathering and combining of a variety of disciplines. The XPOMET© Convention aims to inspire not only with its themes, but also to create a platform for new ideas and partnerships. The focus is not only on the question what will be possible in the next few years, but also what is necessary and which interdisciplinary connections must be created for it.

Medicine is a special science with a unique circle of people. The XPOMET© Convention is a gathering of these people, independent of specific subject areas and the thematic restrictions that accompany them. Here, medical professionals, nursing staff, technicians and managers can meet and connect. Colleagues experience and talk about innovations in medicine, which make us all wonder.


Medicine Congress

The XPOMET© innovation congress brings together numerous international speakers, each a specialist in his field. The number of international awards and prizes with which our speakers have been awarded searches for its equal. With its diverse themes it not only draws a picture of the medicine of the future, but also provides thought provoking, inspiring and ample grounds for discussions. ‘Medicine on the edge’ is the guiding principle for which we have laid the foundation, with the aim of presenting a detailed all-round view in the world of medical progress as well as putting future visions back into the focus of our thinking and action. New methods and technologies in medicine, time periods and feasibility of modern research, interdisciplinary networking and revolutionizing the systems – the XPOMET© innovation congress offers a special platform for these aspects.

Let us take you into the future of medicine. Biotechnology, drones, micro- and nano-robots, biomarkers, artificial intelligence, digital medicine, 3D bioprinting, virtual and augmented reality and personalized medicine are only a fraction of the themes we will address during the three-day congress.

Medical Exhibition

The exhibition area is titled “XPOMET © Future Health”. The area is divided into various future pavilions, which cover the versatile topics of the convention. The primary segments are concerned with the future of care (Future Care), the new role of emergency medicine (Future ER), completely new surgical methods (Future OR) and totally ludicrous developments in the field of implant technology, right up to organ production in the 3D-printer (Regenerative Medicine & Smart Implants). Pharmaceuticals are manufactured in a 3D-printer, an application field in the New Pharma & Biotech segment, just like the lab on a disk is as an example of the Dx² Medical Diagnostix pavilion.

A special segment is the Future Living area, where we will be setting up a Smart Health Home and thus show how our living culture will be influenced by medical change. We will also present how the doctor’s practice could look like in our Doctor’s Office 4.0 pavilion. At the XPOMET© Convention 2018 you can see and experience all these aspects!

Medical Festival

Innovation and progress in medicine takes place on an interactive and interdisciplinary basis. We want to reflect the drive and passion behind it with the XPOMET© in a special way. It is a festival for and a tribute to the entire field of medicine. With the concept of the XPOMET© we want to strengthen and expand the international innovation network, stimulate transfer and exchange and also create a personal experience for every participant. In addition to joint lunches and snacks, the convention days will end with evening events in the special ambiance of the Leipzig city center. In addition, the already active and stimulated convention days are rounded off with a parallel organized partnering event.




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