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5 of The Most Successful Healthcare Hackathon Ideas

Hackathons are a great idea for fledging developers and start-up entrepreneurs to road-test their ideas in a pressurised format, its competition structure forcing them to come up with concepts in a time-sensitive manner. In the healthcare industry in particular, Hackathon’s have given birth to a variety of fantastic start ups. We have picked five in particular below that were developed during a Hackathon. 

Piece of Mind

Hackathon: Angelhack

This app is for caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s. It is tethered with a smart watch attached to the patient, alerting the caregiver when they have wandered too far. As the name suggests, this gives them peace of mind when in a different space to the patient. 

Start Talking

Hackathon: Hacking the Gigabit City

This remote counselling service gives people suffering mental health problems therapy with just a click of a button, removing prohibitive costs and speeding up the healing process. 


Hackathon: MIT Medicine Hackathon

CAKE make end-of-life care easy, which includes healthcare, legal and financial protection, funerals and maintaining legacy. While never an easy thing to think about, CAKE sure makes it that little simpler. 


Hackathon: MIT Medicine Hackathon

Bought by Amazon for a whopping $750 million, Pill Pack delivers prescription medicine direct to your door. For people suffering debilitative illnesses this can really be a lifesaver. 

Mobile EMT

Hackathon: Stanford Hackathon

Mobile EMT is a completely mobile and wireless system that allows doctors to check vital systems remotely. When quick care and assessment can be the difference between life and death, Mobile EMT may soon be a must-have within the med-tech sphere. 

The XPOMET© Medicinale 2020 will once again collaborate with the Impact Farm to produce another brilliant Hackathon. To learn more about last year’s event, you can read about it here. Get in touch with us via our contact page if you want to take part in next year’s event! Early-bird tickets available now!

Photo Credit: Denis Havantsev