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Our Story

Ulrich Pieper

XPOMET© was started by Ulrich Pieper, a healthcare consultant with over 20 years experience in the industry. It was inspired by the idea of connecting bright minds and implementing innovations into the healthcare industry. With the assistance of co-founder Alois Steidel, CEO of Hospital Controlling Company K|M|S and Henri Michael von Blanquet, Founder of the Precision Medicine Alliance, the idea of XPOMET© Medicinale, a festival fostering the future of health & care, was turned into reality.

The festival has been through two iterations: the first took place in Leipzig, March 2018, with 1800 participants, while the second took place in Berlin, October 2019 with 2900 participants.Now a team of 10 people is developing the 3rd edition: XPOMET© Medicinale 2020. Expect more innovations, boundless inspiration and an unforgettable experience!

Our Mission

To improve health worldwide by connecting bright minds, inspiring them with new ideas and to make things happen.

Our Goals

Make the complex healthcare environment simpler and more accessible to all

Build a platform for international knowledge transfer

Support cooperation across the value chain

Develop a new event format that brings the healthcare markets together