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Anton J. Schmidt


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Anton J.Schmidt

Anton J. Schmidt

Anton J. Schmidt has been working in the German healthcare industry for over 40 years He has spent more than 3 decades for the health company Johnson&Johnson in the sales, marketing and management area, most recently 2001 - 2007 as Chairman of the Management Board of Ethicon GmbH. During this time, he was active in numerous honorary offices, including Chairman of the Board of the Federal Association of Medical Technology e.V. (BVMed) - from 2004 to 2007. Since July 2008, he was Chairman of the Board of P.E.G. eG Munich. P.E.G. eG has around 2,900 employees.His main focus is in the area of procurement with the holistic cost consideration of procurement and treatment processes to ensure that quality, patient safety, and quality of care and economic efficiency should be taken into account in a balanced manner. "Building bridges" between the occupational groups in healthcare facilities and within the healthcare industry in general is particularly close to his heart. In addition, he is Chairman of the Board of Management of the Federal Association of the Procurement institutions in the health economy Germany registered association. (BVBG), Deputy Chairperson Chairman of the Board of Management of the Initiative Gesundheitswirtschaft, Member of the Board of Management of Healthcare Bavaria, chairman of the advisory board of femak-Fachverband für Materialwirtschaft im Krankenhaus, and Member of the supervisory board of several companies in the healthcare industry. He is also a member of several advisory boards of scientific and medical societies. In 2013, he was awarded Manager of the Year in Health Care.In his private life, he is mainly occupied with family, sports and reading (biographies welcome). Motto: "High performance and humanity are not mutually exclusive". This applies in particular to professional life.