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Dirk J. Evers


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Dirk J. Evers

Dr. Evers has been active in biotechnology and science for more than 15 years. He is recognized as an expert in bioinformatics and DNA sequencing technology and their application in molecular biology and precision medicine. He has found a vocation in project managing construction of R&D and diagnostic laboratory buildings for pharma, biotech, and precision medicine. Dirk J. Evers received his doctorate at Bielefeld University on algorithms for RNA secondary structure prediction. He started his industry career in Tübingen at Exelixis Deutschland GmbH. He then returned to academia heading the International NRW Graduate School for Bioinformatics and Genome Research of the Centre for Biotechnology of Bielefeld University. As Director of Computational Biology for Illumina Inc. in the UK he joined during the launch of the market leading next generation sequencing technology. He then became one of the first members of the New York Genome Center as SVP Informatics and returned to Germany to join Molecular Health GmbH as VP Data Operations and later SVP Alliance Management. Since 2016 he consults for biotechnology as well as the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.