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Jörg Ansorg


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Jörg Ansorg

Jörg Ansorg

From 2002-2015 General Manager of the Professional Board of German Surgeons (BDC). As leader of the BDC Academy he was responsible for conception and development of projects in professional surgical education and training like workshops and training curricula, e- learning, blended learning, logbooks and quality programs in medical education. Eventually the BDC Academy grew up to a leading training institute for German surgeons. In addition to that Dr. Ansorg was responsible for different new media and digitalisation projects for the German surgical community. From 2002-2014 Dr. Ansorg was active as an assistant professor for health economics and eHealth at Bayreuth University, Institute for Hospital Management and Public Health. Dr. Ansorg dealt with reimbursement systems for hospital care, change management and professional education and communication. His main focus was on professional education of physicians in leadership and economics. Since 2015 Dr. Ansorg has been leading the Professional Board of German Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeons (BVOU) as well. Besides politics his focus is on the development of a modern Academy for professional training in Orthopaedics and Trauma. Among others he initiated the Alliance for Quality in Professional Medical Education in Germany. Dr. Ansorg is founder and CEO of meduplus GmbH, a leading company in development and rollout of Smart-Learning ® -Technologies in professional medical education. Actually, Meduplus focuses on continuing professional education in hygiene of medical staff in hospital and outpatient clinic, from physicians over nurses to medical assistants.