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Siegfried Jedamzik


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Siegfried Jedamzik

Prof. Dr. med. Siegfried Jedamzik ​​is a professor of computer science in the healthcare industry and a general practitioner with his own doctors office in Ingolstadt. In 1986 he became a board member of the Medical Association of Ingolstadt-Eichstätt. 13 years later he founded the medical network GOIN e.V. in Ingolstadt. In addition to advising healthcare organizations on eHealth issues, he is also involved in national telematics committees. In July 2012 he founded the Bavarian Telemedalliance (BTA) in Ingolstadt, which connects telemedical projects and initiatives in Bavaria. Since May 2014 he also is Chairman of the Board of Management of the medical network Mediverbund Bayern. In this position he gives advice on different topics, e.g. network management and telemedicine.