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Soner Emec


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Soner Emec

Soner Emec

Soner Emec received his Dr.-Ing. Degree from the Berlin Institute of Technology for his work on “In-process pattern recognition for scalable condition monitoring in automated manufacturing systems”, Germany. He works as Senior Research Engineer in the Department of Industrial Automation Technology at the production technology center of Berlin, which is a merge Institute from Fraunhofer IPK and TU Berlin. He is responsible for the engineering faculty coordination and the launch of the Bachelor-\Master-\PhD programs such as Mechatronics and Computational Engineering at the Turkish-German University in Istanbul. Current work focus is to build a research laboratory for robotics and intelligent systems as well as create an ecosystem for cross-pollination between basic research, applied science and industry research to increase the spin-off rate for technology-based start-ups. He has experience in the areas of sustainable value creation, industrial automation and information technologies, and software development. His current research work is the development of services based on machine learning techniques in manufacturing providing sustainable value creation and vertical automation of the automation pyramid.