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The interactive exhibition of the XPOMET © is a special element. Instead of standing in line, the various showcases combine innovations from different companies / institutes / medical institutions and put them into context and action. This allows for various use-case sessions and workshops within the showcases that bring innovations and improved workflows to life.

The festival is split into six strands:

  • Future Hospital
  • Digital Health
  • Patient’s World
  • Crossing Boundaries
  • Next Generation Arena
  • Startup

Future Hospital

The impending paradigm shift in medicine and surgery through the influence of artificially intelligent systems, new technologies and robotics will rearrange hospitals as we know it in the near future!

XPOMET© takes up this topic and networks all participants in the showcase “Hospital of the Future”. The showcase “Hospital of the Future” is a special attraction at XPOMET©! Here shows will be performed which will lead the patient through the emergency room of the future, through diagnostics, into the operating theatre of the future, through the intensive care unit and finally into the patient of the future. In addition to the exhibitor areas, the products / services are still available for interactive presentation on site and offer visitors the opportunity to test the products / services live in action.

Digital Health

The ‘Digital Health’ arena presents innovative solutions. These solutions highlight the interdisciplinary connection of health, healthcare, life and society in combination with digital technologies. The goal is to improve the efficiency of healthcare provision and to make medicine more personalized and effective.

Patient’s World

Patient’s World shows the possible future environment in medicine and care, outside the hospital, for the patient. Demographic change poses new challenges for all actors, both urban and rural. Here we show how these can be met with new opportunities for innovative companies. Whether at home, in a nursing home, in a doctor’s practice or at a pharmacy – the showcases will show these topics and new ways of solving future challenges.

Crossing Boundaries

Crossing boundaries is dedicated to people living with disabilities and the technological concepts that can change their lives. Affected persons voluntarily show their abilities as ambassadors against discrimination and companies present their innovative solutions. We offer an insight into everyday life with different technologies and how to deal with them.

Next Generation Arena

In the Next Generation Arena, cross-generational topics in healthcare will be addressed. Experience in fishbowls, interviews, quiz duels and other formats that move and drive the generations of tomorrow. In the Career Corner you can find out more about future-oriented positions in nursing and multidisciplinary positions in Digital Health.


Our StartUp showcase gives you the complete lowdown on both the German startup scene and wider trends across the world. With a startup pitching session and the possibility to connect fledgling businesses with angel investors, the startup arena is where to see the future of the healthcare business lies.