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XPOMET© is looking for speakers for the 3rd Medicinale between October 15-17th, 2019. As we cover all aspects of healthcare and technology, we have a rather broad mindset towards your relation to the industry. Speakers should be, above all, passionate, unafraid to talk in front of c-level executives, and able to communicate their ideas through storytelling.

What speaking at XPOMET© gives you:

  1. The ability to share your ideas in front of a large group of people
  2. The opportunity to network with leaders in the healthcare industry
  3. To learn and be inspired by the contributions of others

Sessions at XPOMET© last around 90 minutes, with various talks followed by a panel discussion. You can also talk on one of the various corporate stages, run a workshop, or present an exhibition showcase.

If you are interested in talking at our festival, please fill in the form below.