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A Successful BioRN Lounge in Heidelberg

Improving the healthcare system is all about facilitating connections. XPOMET focuses on reaching out to researchers & universities & give them opportunity to connect with the global community through XPOMET. That’s why the Xpomet Team visited Heidelberg last week to take part in the BioRN Lounge event. The BioRN cluster brings in all important stakeholders in the Biotech and lifesciences industry in the Rhine-Nektar region of Baden-Württemberg. On the final Tuesday of every month, they have the BioRN Lounge, which is an opportunity for members of the BioRN community to get together in an informal setting. 

The event last Tuesday was co-hosted by EITHealth and featured six different start-ups with the aim of improving healthcare through technology. They were the finalists of the European Health Catapult 2019, an accelerator program that allows start-ups to realise their full potential. These included smart-glass augmented wheelchairs, a novel periodontitis solution, next generation sequencing and Parkinson prevention. The winner will be chosen at the EIT Health Summit, 2-3 December, in Paris. 

Our head of conference, Dr Jubin Shah gave a brief talk outlining the aims of the Xpomet, including both its platform for facilitating connection and the Medicinale in October. If any BioRN members wish to attend the festival, they should contact me at redmond.bacon@xpomet.com in order to get a special discount. Additionally, start-ups can get in touch with Jubin at jubin.shah@xpomet.com in order to take part in our start-up bucket. We would like to thank moderator Friedemann Loos and organiser Annalisa Zuccotti for allowing us to contribute to the BioRN Lounge. We look forward to further collaborations in the future. 

During the earlier part of the day, I attempted reaching out to students at the University Mensa, DKFZ, HBIGS, Heidelberg University International office, handing out postcards and explaining our aims to the interested students of Heidelberg University. If you didn’t have the opportunity to see our postcards, take a look in the International Office to learn more! We would also like to thank all the institutions that permitted us to spread the word!