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Book A Street Artist

Book A Street Artist — Connecting Events with Under-Appreciated Talent

As part of Xpomet’s inclusive approach, we have an art festival folded inside our scientific congress, allowing for various players to have an enjoyable time while making connections and learning new things about future healthcare. With walking acts, laser shows, live bands, DJs, clowns, workshops and more, we have a variety of fun entertainments to really elevate our festival into something special. 

A large part of this has been made possible through our collaboration with Book A Street Artist. Their founders Charlotte and Mario started the company when they were living in Lisbon, Portugal. Talking to artists in the street they realised that they are often undervalued for their skill and talent and set up a company that made it easy for people to hire them. 

Now Book A Street Artist boasts over 700 artistic services from artists they have handpicked themselves. Including bands and DJs, workshops, graffiti and visual artists, Book A Street Artist have a huge variety of talent available for any event you wish, whether its a wedding band, private occasion, designs and decorations or even formal company events. If you want to learn more about Book A Street Artist, book some of their talent for your event or register yourself as an artist with them, simply head on over to their page now. Likewise you can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We are really happy to have them there and hope that you will enjoy what they have to offer as well.

To learn more about the types of artists we have booked through their company, you can take a look at our Art Festival and After-Party Line up here. To book tickets for the event and the after-party, where a few of these acts will be playing live, please book here!