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Buy Your Tickets for Xpomet 2019 Now!

Have you got tickets for XPOMET © MEDICINALE © 2019 yet? If not, what are you waiting for? The XPOMET © MEDICINALE© is a three day event showcasing the very best in health and technology, creating a platform for innovation across many different spheres of the world of healthcare.

Disruption and knowledge transfer provides the backbone to our festival. 5000 international guests will attend with the opportunity to hear from over 150 inspiring speakers, including Auma Obama, Aubrey de Gray, Nick Adkins, Andrew Thompson and many, many more. This will be accompanied by workshops, live performances and even a demonstration of the hospital of the future! Additionally, over 200 of the most innovative and interesting companies from Europe and around the globe will attend, all with the aim of creating new solutions and business models to revolutionise the world of healthcare. 

We have several tickets on offer depending on your professional status. In order to strive for fairness and to make sure all different types of people in healthcare — from seasoned professionals to curious members of the public — can come, our tickets vary in price depending on your qualifications and institutional standing.

For academics, tickets start at just €200, while tickets for caregivers and doctors go for €100 and €200 respectively. Corporate tickets — i.e. for anyone attending from a company — are €1,100. We our interested in the future, that’s why members of start-ups can attend for as little as €150, while students only have to pay €65. People interested in the public day can purchase a ticket for as little as €15! It’s worth nothing that these ticket prices exclude VAT charges and ticket fees.

If you want to buy a ticket, simply click on this link to be transported to our registration page! We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal, with the additional option to Purchase on Account. If you have a coupon, you might be entitled to a sizeable percentage off: don’t forget to type it in! To learn more about the MEDICINALE ©, head to our homepage now. Don’t miss XPOMET MEDICINALE, the experience is unique.