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Calling Artists to Science — Adding Fun through Animation, Art & Design

The idea of XPOMET© Medicinale© 2019 aimed to make science and technology fun and bring in deeper and thoughtful perspectives to the topic. Science needs more creativity and artists to imaginatively solve real-world problems and anticipate the future. Healthcare in general needs a more philosophical look at this time point which is a cusp between traditional and more interdisciplinary approaches.  This was best reflected in our panel discussion: Adding Fun through Animation, Art & Design, as well as two workshops that delivered deeper into the main topic. Take a look at the program below.

XPOMET© Medicinale© Scientific Congress Program

Photo Credit:  Denis Havantsev

Workshop – A Primer to Brand Strategy and Identity Design for Decision Makers

Dr Radhika Patnala, Founder of Sci-Illustrate

Workshop – Patient-Centred Solutions

Sameera Chukkapalli, Director of NeedLab

The session and the workshops provided an in-depth idea about using more creative tools to approach healthcare challenges and how the relevance of design, visualization and creativity is growing exponentially in the current scenario.

XPOMET© is looking to make an impact by bringing in more such different perspectives and give an opportunity for many such artists, science and healthcare enthusiasts to showcase their art at XPOMET© Medicinale© 2020. This was also reflected by the artistic programme that ran concurrently to the festival, featuring graffiti and origami workshops, easily displaying how the two disciplines are interconnected. There is a real need for more creative solutions to be highlighted and connected to the stakeholders for putting innovation at the forefront. If you are an artist, designer or animator in the science field, please get in touch and we’ll be sure to find ways to work together.