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Xpomet is not only a festival — it’s also a platform bringing together the smartest and best minds in healthcare and life sciences to communicate their passions with each other. We created our podcast Inside Xpomet in order to spread expertise in one of the most accessible ways possible. Whether you are a committed member of the Xpomet community or simply curious about the latest innovations in medicine and technology, Inside Xpomet provides a forum for the latest and freshest ideas in the healthcare field. 

Now with over 10 interviews readily available on our site, as well as via our Soundcloud page, it’s easier than ever to listen to some of our most interesting speakers wax lyrical about their work and what they hope to bring to Xpomet. With episodes ranging between 15 to 30 minutes, its the perfect thing to listen to on your commute or during your lunch break. Our episodes have already ranged from the revolutionary power of data collection to the need to find a bridge between EU and China, and the uses of technology in surgery to the latest pharmaceutical breakthroughs, giving Inside Xpomet a real range across the whole spectrum of future healthcare.

If you want to listen on the go, the podcast is also available to download, as well as via the Stitcher and TuneIn Apps. All podcasts are also directly available to listen to from our website as well — you can listen by simply clicking the link here. Check the page often, as we will have new podcasts up and running on our site every few days.

If you are a member of the Xpomet community and you want to be featured on the podcast, or if you have any feedback about the content of the podcasts, please feel free to contact me at redmond.bacon@xpomet.com.

It all started as a football tournament between Medical Students. Now it boasts over 30,000 students every year, coming to party, learn, and grow from each other. At Xpomet we are highly interested in the future of healthcare, and were glad to be a part of such a wonderful festival, helping Medimeisterschaften with its inaugural MediCampus. After all the hard work, the day-long Sunday event was a tremendous success. Hundreds of students packed the rafters of the MediStadium, listening to a

With early detection, breast cancer deaths are 99% preventable. Yet it is still the largest killer of women in many emerging areas of the world. In India for example, this problem is particularly bad, with one woman dying every seven minutes (and a new detection every three minutes). Developed countries have a high survival rate while in developing markets this curable disease is often a death sentence. LadyBWell – THE BREAST HEALTH PEOPLE have a digital platform of education and

If you’ve ever faced the possibility of going under the knife, you must have experienced at least some mild anxiety, knowing that surgery outcomes are not guaranteed and even the best surgeons can have a bad day. In fact, you’re usually asked to sign a paper called a consent form, a legal document that states that you have been informed about the risks of the treatment and you allow your doctor to go ahead with the surgery, by taking full responsibility