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Whether its the latest breakthroughs in healthcare or the latest going ons at XPOMET©, our Healthcare News Round-Up is your one-stop shop to get an idea of what’s happening in the industry. From RISE to lung disease to groundbreaking trials, read on to learn everything about Healthcare News today. 

RISE in Hong Kong is Cancelled 

Websummit have announced that due to the ongoing political situation in Hong Kong, RISE is cancelled. It is one of the biggest annual tech conferences in Asia, attracting over 16,000 attendees. A spokesperson for the event stated that: “Given the uncertainty of the situation by early 2020 and after consulting with experts and advisories, we have decided to postpone RISE until 2021.”

Living Near a Busy Road Can Drastically Stunt Children’s Lung Growth

Researchers at King’s College London have concluded that children living within 50m of a busy road have their lung growth stunted by up to 14%. The same study also concludes that this could also increase the likelihood of lung cancer by 10%. Perhaps its time to move to the countryside?

Children Around the World are Not Being Active Enough!

A startling statement by the World Health Organization says that four in five children between 11 and 17 are not doing enough exercise. There is no one-size fits all reason for this lack of fitness among children, although experts suggest that the increasing focus on academic performance could be an issue. Additionally, boys were proven to be getting more physical exercise in every country but four.

Suspended Animation Used on Humans for the First Time

The New York Academy of Sciences have run a trial putting people into suspended animation for the first time. This extraordinary process involves quickly cooling the brain’s temperature to less than 10 degrees celsius, meaning that precious extra minutes can be saved for surgery. It is suspected to be used for victims of gun and knife attacks who suffer a heart attack before they can be treated. These victims often only have a 5% survival rate, making this trial a potentially incredible breakthrough for trauma surgery. No word yet on whether it was a success.

Doctor and Son of Former German President Fatally Stabbed in Berlin

In truly terrible news, Fritz von Weizsäcker, son of Germany’s former president Richard von Weizsäcker, was stabbed in Berlin. He was giving a medical lecture on Tuesday night on liver fat at the Schlosspark clinic, where he heads the gastroenterology department, when an unnamed assailant came up from the front row and killed him with a knife. The motive is suspected to be related to his father’s role with Böhringer Ingelheim, who provided poisonous chemicals for use in the Vietnam War.