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XPOMET© MEDICINALE©’s partnership with Charité grows stronger with each passing event, showcasing how the two institutions can help each other in achieving better healthcare outcomes for everyone.

On June 19th, Xpomet was invited to give a brief talk at a Career Seminar at the CharitéCrossOver Auditorium, organised by Dr Mayur Vadhvani. I quickly introduced the Xpomet vision to students, putting special emphasis on the STEM Session — that is organised with help from Dr Vadhvani — that will run on the Public Day, providing ample opportunity for students wanting to work in that industry. I would like to thank him for inviting me and look forward to both giving more talks at Charité and seeing him at the STEM Session on October 12.

In the summer, Berlin’s open-air culture gives institutions the perfect opportunity for outside events where different players in the healthcare industry can mingle in an informal setting. For example, on the evening of the same day, the Berlin Institute of Health  and Machine Learning in Healthcare co-hosted a small small BBQ event at Spreewerkstätten, near Alexanderplatz Station.

Or Haskel gave the keynote speech, introducing his Israeli-based start-up company BioBeat. This was followed by an open mic session. As head of student marketing, I was responsible for introducing Xpomet’s vision at the event in a two-minute presentation. Additionally, start-up entrepreneurs pitched their visions and solutions included gaming-based healthcare solutions and B2B cloud-based communication systems. This was followed by a networking session where attendees could connect over burgers, beers and champagne.

We would like to thank the BIH Digital Health Forum, and its organisers Dr. med. Vince Istvan Madai and Dr Michelle Livne, for inviting Xpomet to be present at the event. It’s always a pleasure to lay out the vision for our Medicinale. We had a really great time and can’t wait to come again next year! Michelle will also be giving a talk at the Medicinale; you can learn more about her work via her bio.

The Berlin Institute of Health is a biomedical research institution that focuses on translational research and precision medicine. Their focus is on understanding mechanisms of disease development and progressive diseases, improving the diagnosis of individual patients. This aim is achieved through providing excellent research solutions and innovation enabling value-based, personalized healthcare. Through events such as the Digital Health Forum goes Summer Barbecue, progress can be accelerated through personal connections. They are also partnered with Xpomet medical partner Charité, displaying how our partnership with the famed medical institution is only growing from strength to strength. Keep an eye out for more Berlin-based events between Charité and Xpomet.

To learn more about BIH, head over to their website now! You can also take part in more Machine Learning in Healthcare  events via their MeetUp page! If you would like Xpomet to attend your next event, please get in touch with us now via our contact form!