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The Club Corbeau is an international non-profit association of Belgium law and based in Brussels for over 20 years. They represents a network of persons and organisations advocating for a better integration within Europe. The Club Corbeau is a membership-driven organisation.

CB Mission

They are a network of actors working in the field of health care and social economy, striving for stronger cohesion and cooperation in Europe, particularly in the social, health, education, and economic areas. They campaign for social answers and solutions and promote a holistic view on Europe.

They provide independent platforms for forward looking thinking and exchange between main actors and experts from the fields and decision-making persons from EU-institutions and representing bodies of civil society in Brussels.

They influence policies, build capacities, and facilitate mutual learning and understanding.


Their activities serve the purpose of the association, such as

  • Organisation of various events and workshops on policy and practice in Brussels
  • Organisation of dialogues and exchange platforms on forward looking issues and solutions in Brussels
  • Monitoring and communication on policy development at a National and a European level
  • Support interest groups and partnerships between members
  • Development of initiatives and projects promoting social cohesion and cultural understanding

Be a Member of Club Corbeau

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Club Corbeau IASBL

Rue de la Pacification 67
1000 Brussels

Register number: 0468.830.296