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Medical Board

Henri Michael von Blanquet

Henri Michael von Blanquet Is the founder of the PRECISION MEDICINE ALLIANCE (P

Prof. Dr. Jochen A. Werner Ambassador

Jochen A. Werner studied medicine at the University of Kiel, Germany. In 1987 he

Harald Schmidt

With a double degree in Medicine and Pharmacy, Harald Schmidt has a passion for

Arno M. Roßlau

Arno M. Roßlau, MD, is a retired general of the German Armed Forces Medical Cor

Bettina Borisch

Dr Borisch is an MD and a Histopathologist, MPH and Fellow of the Royal College

Advisory Board

Anna is acceleration manager, currently in charge of European health innovation

Annika Grosse

Annika Grosse has been with IBM since 1997. She has a background in Business and

Anula Jayasuriya

Anula Jayasuriya is an experienced health care and Life Sciences executive and i

Bastian Hauck

Bastian is a professional sailor, author, entrepreneur – and type 1 diabetic.

Christian Tidona

Christian Tidona is a biotech entrepreneur, business angel, and managing directo

frank emmrich

Frank Emmrich is a physician and since 2005 Founding Director and Head of the Fr

Henning C. Schneider

Dr. Henning C. Schneider is a partner in the Hamburg office of Latham & Watkins,

Isabelle Vezina

Isabelle Vézina is the Executive Director of Hacking Health, a global organizat

Jochen Maas

Jochen Maas was appointed General Manager, Research & Development (R&D) at Sanof

mirko bass

Mirko has always been passionate about building community and creating opportuni


Peter Lennartz started his career with EY in Hamburg in 1985. He served German c

Roman Rittweger

Dr. med. Roman Rittweger studied medicine and earned an MBA at INSEAD. He then w

Dr. Thomas Hopfe

Thomas Hopfe, MD, is founder, owner and publishing director of the Medizinisch W

Stefan Deges is strategist for digital transformation, innovation management and

Gurjit Singh

Ambassador Gurjit Singh is a senior Indian diplomat with 37 years of experience.


Sebastian Vorberg

Attorney Sebastian Vorberg, LL.M. (Houston) is a specialist attorney for medical

Florian Schumacher

Florian Schumacher supports companies in the healthcare industry as a Digital He

Ute Brach

Ute Brach is a certified nurse and has been working in the healthcare sector for

Ulrich Pieper

Ulrich Henning Pieper (Diploma in Engineering) has been working in the healthcar

Maike Henningsen

Maike is a medical doctor, who specialized in OBGYN, oncology, endocrinology and

Manfred Wolf

Manfred Wolf successfully developed concepts for medical and information technol

Heinrich Recken

Trained as a nurse and social scientist. Since 2003, he is the Head of the Study

Laura Wamprecht

Laura Wamprecht is the Director of the Flying Health Pioneer's Program. The

Joscha Hofferbert

Joscha Hofferbert holds a degree in Psychology and Neuroscience. Throughout his

Dr. Thomas Hopfe

Thomas Hopfe, MD, is founder, owner and publishing director of the Medizinisch W

André Hofmann

André Hofmann is the Vice President of the saxon association for biotech and me

Meik Eusterholz

Meik Eusterholz is an authorized signatory and head of business area with a foc

dirk evers

Dr. Evers has been active in biotechnology and science for more than 15 years. H

Erik Jung

Erik Jung studied physics and physical technology in medicine at the University

Prof. Dr. Dirksen

Prof. Dr. Hans-Hermann Dirksen is a lawyer at LIEBENSTEIN LAW - law firm for com

Jens Grudno

After starting his career in finance, Jens soon felt that building great busines

Dr. Dominik Pförringer

PD Dr. med. Dominik Pförringer is a specialist in orthopaedics and trauma surge

Franz Bartmann

Dr. Franz Bartmann was president from 2001 until September 2018 of the Medical

Dr. Alexander Schachinger Ambassador

Dr. Alexander Schachinger, founder/ceo of EPatient RSD, a market intelligence co

Hannes Sjoblad

Hannes Sjöblad is co-founder of DSruptive, a Human Augmentation Design agency s

René Schubert

Mr. René Schubert has more than 25 years of experience in the German health car

Jan Ehlers

Jan Ehlers has been Vice President of the University of Witten/Herdecke since Ja

Ludger Dabrock

He has over 25 years experience on the 1st management level in health and clinic

Katrin Redmann

Her professional experience and leadership journey led her to Marketing and Sale


Pablo-David is the Growth and Community Manager for AIDEN, a voice-powered intel


Society is going to face tremendous technological advancements that will impact

Castro Soeiro

Prof. Dr. Filipe Castro Soeiro is a senior international academic and executive

Carsten Stüer is founder and neurosurgeon. His scientific work focused on messe

Sylvia Thun, MD, PhD is a full professor for information and communication techn

Ingo Horak

"I am a serial entrepreneur who has founded two digital health startups and two

Prof. Dr. Philipp Walther is Professor and Program for Health Economics at the H

Oliver Rong is a Senior-Partner at Roland Berger's Office in Hamburg and looks b

Alin Albu-Schäffer received his M.Sc. in electrical engineering from the Techni

David Matusiewicz is a Professor of General Business Administration, in particu

Céline Flores Willers (25) is working as an innovation consultant and host for

Dipl.-Kfm. Karl von Thurn und Taxis is an independent consultant with focus on h

Jared Sebhatu is heading the business development of the Smart Helios GmbH, a te

Frank Steinhoff represents as CTO / COO and GF a medium-sized group of companies

Prof. Dr. med. Siegfried Jedamzik ​​is a professor of computer science in th

Steffen Achenbach is Managing Partner DACH at Healthinnova and helps driving inn

Andreas Szur started his career as a business lawyer (Diplom Wirtschaftsjurist)

Stefan Lachmann is responsible for customer relations and communication at KMS A

João is a wearables expert and a globally recognized Top 100 Global Digital Hea

Katrin Wedler

Katrin Wedler is a research assistant in the ERDF project FORMAT. Within the fra

Anton J.Schmidt

Anton J. Schmidt has been working in the German healthcare industry for over 40

Patrick Stoetzner

Patrick Stoetzner started his career as an in-house strategy consultant and late

Lübke Naberhaus

This surgeon and emergency physician as well as therapist trained in hypnotherap

Ulrich v. Prittwitz

Ulrich is the founder of v. PRITTWITZ and GAFFRON HR Management based in Frankfu

Gero Altmann

In 2008 he founded his own practice in addition to his main business. After stud

Thomas Berger

As a partner of aspect.partners he consults digital health/medtech/life sciences

Jens Tülsner

Dr. med. Jens Tülsner is the founder and CEO of Marine Medical Solutions GmbH.

Medical Partners


Supporters of Public Day