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Connect with XPOMET© at BioFIT in Marseille

Bonjour! XPOMET© has escaped the drab rain of Northern Germany to the relatively sunnier climes of Southern France. For the next few days, we will be at BioFIT in Marseille, one of the world’s leading hubs when it comes to developing innovations in Life Sciences. 

Part of a wider BioFIT community, and sponsored by a variety of regional French interests, the event describes itself as a key partnering event for academia-industry collaborations, early-stage innovations, emerging biotech companies, and marketplace connections. Last year boasted over 1,300 delegates from over 900 organisations and 35 countries, 80 speakers and over 100 exhibitors. 

Their conference program is focused on three tracks. Track 1 tackles “Best Practices in Academia-Industry R&D Collaborations”, Track 2 focuses on “Nurturing and Licensing Early-Stage Assets” and Track 3 is titled “From Pre-Seed to Series A: Accessing Early-Stage Investment”.  These three tracks are also complemented by an Animal Health Highlights element. One of their core strands is the Would-be CEO session, which partners companies needing a CEO with leaders in their field, as well as a Pitch Session to connect startups with investors. With XPOMET© attending on the hunt for new collaborators, this year promises to be even bigger. To learn more about BioFIT, you can head over to their website now.

Our Marketing Manager, Mirtsa Kutateladze will be our sole representative during both days of the festival. If you want to get in touch with her to set up a tête-à-tête, you can contact her at mirtsa.kutateladze@xpomet.com. We are particularly interested in how to connect different players across Life Sciences industry together, especially when it comes to bridging the gap between early-stage research and corporate atmospheres. 

To learn more about partnering with XPOMET©, you can read our Becoming A Sponsor Page now! There you will find all the information you need to know about our Medicinale and how it can help your company..