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Cyber Security

Keeping XPOMET Safe: Cyber-Security Council Germany

Security is at the very heart of healthcare. By making sure that those on the receiving end of care are safe, half the battle of keeping them healthy has already been achieved. That’s why we can happily announce Cyber-Security Council Germany as XPOMET© MEDICINALE©’s latest patron.

Cyber-Security Council Germany is a Berlin-based organisation founded in 2012 with the aim of advising businesses, policymakers and governments on how to maintain cyber security and successfully combat cybercrime.

Their members span from medium and large-sized companies to experts and policy makers in matters of cyber security. Through these associations, the group represents more than three million workers in the German economy. Their objectives are to increase collaboration between politics, industry, science and society, raise awareness of cyber security, develop a transnational cyber-security network of heads, and to provide an extensive knowledge platform for its members.

They offer several open and exclusive event formats and hubs on urging topics of cyber-security, and shape the public discourse via TV interviews, commentaries and scientific publications.

Data security is one of the biggest concerns in healthcare, if not the most important. For example, the WannaCry cyber attack on the National Health Service in the United Kingdom cost the industry a total of £92 million as 19,000 appointments were cancelled. As healthcare relies upon the safe collection and storage of data — whether its medical information, personal records, or financial reports— we welcome the experience and expertise of Cyber-Security Council Germany in this field.

We look forward to the keynote speech of Mr. Hans-Wilhelm Dünn (President, Cyber Security Council Germany) as well as an exciting discussion format with Mr. Dünn and the DRB Deutsche Risikoberatung GmbH. To learn more about the Cyber-Security Council, head over to their website now!