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Dr Rafael Grossmann — Leading the MedTech Revolution

At Xpomet we want to lead the world of healthcare into the future. To achieve this aim, we have gathered some of the most exciting healthcare players from across the world. One such speaker truly pushing the envelope is Dr Rafael Grossmann.

The Venezuelan-born doctor distinguished himself in the USA by quickly adopting the power of futuristic technologies. In 2013, he made history by being the first doctor to live stream a surgery through Google Glass. Covered in Forbes by John Nosta, the surgery went viral, leading the charge in how surgery can be taught to future medical practitioners.

This love of embracing technology was born by his early experiences as a doctor in Venezuela, delivering care to remote, unconnected areas. The Singularity University Alumni believes in the transformative power of such technologies to ensure better medical care and education for all, flattening complex geographical and logistical difficulties in the process. This includes Mobile and Wearable platforms, Virtual Augmented and Mixed Reality, Deep Leaning and Blockchain, all of which will help better connect the patient to treatment, leading to a more efficient yet paradoxically more humane patient care system.

The General, Trauma, Advanced Laparoscopic and Robotic surgeon currently practices in Maine, USA. Working in rural areas is a reminder that easy healthcare access is not an automatic certainty for many people, leading Grossmann to advocate for innovations such as telemedicine, mHealth and Digital Medicine.  In addition to his practice, he is a MagicLeap Healthcare Advisor, advises multiple tech startups and regularly lectures at Institutions such as MIT Media Lab, Stanford, Google and Deloitte. He is also a renowned Tedx. Speaker.

He blogs regularly about his work — you can follow him on Twitter @ZGJR to hear his thoughts about all things health and tech. If you want to learn more about him, either read his bio here or visit his website at: https://rafaelgrossmann.com.