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Our No. 1 Cooperation Partners
Joint Host of the XPOMET© 2018 - VdigG e.V. - German Association of Digital Health

Verband digitale Gesundheit e.V. // Tucholskystraße 13 // D-10117 Berlin // Germany

The objective of the VdigG is to create a political and social environment as well as an innovation-promoting infrastructure whereby the innovation-driven players in the digital healthcare sector can successfully optimize the medical care by securely linking the costumers and care providers, and by creating intrinsic action-motivation in the perception of health promotion measures of patients and using secure data processing guidelines.

The members of the Association of Digital Health (VdigG) are interested in discussing innovations in information technology, which have the potential to improve the health of individuals or the overall health system. Every proposal is studied, analyzed, critically evaluated and scientifically evaluated to the point where there is sufficient clarity about its potential.

The VdigG is a think-tank where startup founders and health policy makers, investors and health insurance employees, doctors and hospital managers, lawyers and managers of large IT companies, journalists and consumer advocates, patient advocates and medical technology companies, as well as all other interested parties, meet to discuss scenarios of the technological future of healthcare in order to anticipate and understand.

Host of the XPOMET© 2018 - PIPITS Business Management GmbH

PIPITS Business Management GmbH // Tucholskystraße 13 // D-10117 Berlin // Germany

What triggers success in healthcare business? New developments in the world of healthcare, the confrontation with technological trends and cultural revolutions are examples of current megachanges that influence our environment. A healthcare company that wants to be successful in the long term must constantly improve and adapt to these changes. Sometimes it even has to re-invent itself, maybe change its business model in total.

We at Pipits are a team of highly effective management consultants and project handlers. We provide consultancy services mainly to healthcare providers. Our team specialize in bringing companies to their best shape through innovative and integrated consulting approaches. Maybe you like to know: Our CEO founded and developed different consulting firms before. Every firm achieved multiple awards, e.g. Brand Eins. Best Healthcare Consultant 2014 / Brand Eins. Best Advisor 2014 (aviation), Top Consultant Award 2012/2013 / Senior Consultant: Excellent management consultant 2013/2014.

With the foundation of Pipits we developed a set of criteria for pursuing consultant leads into successful projects. Excellent concepts and successful projects are not a coincidence at Pipits. With every customer we perform a detailed analysis on the proposed project idea. Every project approach has to go through a defined set of rules. We have to be SURE, that we can lead your company to a bigger and more powerful future than before.

Our team is committed to:

  • Strategy Development
  • Digital Health Transformation
  • Healthcare Process Design
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Enterprise Intelligence

Some examples of our work are as follows:

  • We established the largest provider of outpatient rehabilitation services for cardiovascular diseases in Germany within two years.
  • We created a totally new just-in-time supply-chain for a modern surgical center. The project received a famous Award by the Federal Ministry of Economics “Innovation Creates a Lead”.
  • We finished a process-reengineering project for a medical enterprise. Increase in revenues of 8 million euros annually to 50 million euros within 5 years – expected sales in 2015 (estimated): 80 million euros.
  • We originated the No.1 healthcare focused logistics company in Germany. Increase in turnover per year up to 12 million euros within 6 years – return on sales 6% vs. industry average 2%.

If you want to know more then please contact us on: our team will be more than willing to help you.


Make use of the many possibilities that you can enjoy as a Joint Host. The cost of investing will easily be restored by the ticket prices that you’ll save on your customers. Become a Joint Host of the XPOMET© 2018

What are the benefits of becoming a Joint Host of the XPOMET©?

  • You can position your business exclusively as a co-organizer at the first and only convention for innovation and high-tech in medicine in Germany. 
  • As a co-organizer of the XPOMET© you can expand your network with representatives and decision-makers from the economy, politics and science. 
  • As a co-organizer you have the possibility to tailor your sponsorship package to your individual needs and to the innovative convention format. 
  • For our co-organizers we offer the best presentation possibilities within our communication measures for the congress and exhibition.
  • You can optimally present your business to the visitors of the XPOMET©. There is a wide range of possibilities, which we will gladly coordinate with you individually. 
  • Of course we are also open to your suggestions and ideas of how to best adress your target group. Together, we develop a concept that will be individually tailored to your requirements.


As a Joint Host you benefit from first-class print and online presentation of your business

  • Logo presence in all print media, on the convention homepage, in the newsletters and on site
  • 1/1 advertisement in the convention programm, alternatively included as a pamphlet in the congress bag
  • Name of the co-organizer on all other print media
  • Naming of the Joint Host in all press releases before, during and after the convention


We offer our Joint Hosts optimal presentation possibilities during the XPOMET©

  • Premium logo presentation at one of the stages of the congress, at the exhibition and at the evening event
  • Opening speech at the congress
  • Exclusive exhibition area – max. 15 m²
  • Distribution of promotional gifts at the congress
  • Promoted lecture/ workshop on the Vision Market stage – max. 40 min
  • 100 tickets for the convention



As a Joint Host you can organize the evening events with us at the XPOMET©

  • Main host of the evening event
  • Exclusive logo presentation at the evening event
  • Presentation of the winner of the Startup Award at the XPOMET© and presenting the winners with the prize
  • Host of an XPOMET© VIP-Dinner (The costs are with the joint host)