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Great! You have found your way to the speaker application for the XPOMET Medicinale 2023 . You are welcome to submit your application.
Please read the information carefully.

We are a neutral platform offering a high-quality event with presentations. We highly encourage intensive discussions and Q&A sessions during the event. The Scientific Congress covers a wide range of topics such as Precision Medicine, Regenerative Medicine, Global Digital Health, Space Medicine, Robotics, AI and its various applications in healthcare, Nano-Medicine, Changing business models in healthcare, Science and Arts, Smart Diagnostics, Neuro-diagnostics solutions, Smart Hospitals and various other topics.

Our attendees have a tremendous interdisciplinary background like Science, health Insurance, Robotics. Most participants come from medical, research, and healthcare industry backgrounds. You will address

  • Healthcare professionals: Doctors, Paramedics, Consultants
  • C-Level (CEO´s, CMO´s, CFO`s, CTO´s, CIO´s), Industry Leaders, Innovators and Investors, Startup founders, Entrepreneurs, Policy Makers.
  • Scientists, Senior Researchers, University Students

XPOMET is an International event. Most of the talks are held in English. A few slots are reserved for our German Speakers and Partners.

Please fill the application form (https://www.)

Speaker’s Information: Name, Sirname, email, company, job profile, Country


  • Submission Title
  • Is your submission for a moderator role, solo, joint or panel presentation? Opportunities: Moderator, Panel discussion, Solo Speaker, Ignition talks.
  • Submission Overview: Please provide a SHORT summary of your submission (200 word limit)
  • What is the key objective of your presentation?
  • Key Theme

Our Medical Board will evaluate the submission text and will contact you in case of queries or feedbacks.

Your submission will be evaluated based on the following criteria: Concept, Interest, Motivation, Novelty. Your submission should match closely with the category and topic, you are applying for. Therefore, we recommend you to read the details of the event categories.

Concept: Does the topic matches the theme of the event? How unique is the idea, problem, and solution, presented in this submission? 

Interest: Will attendees want to hear this? Will it inspire them? Does it appeal to a broad audience? Our attendees have a tremendous interdisciplinary background like Science, health Insurance, Robotics.

Novelty: How new and fresh is this work? Is it a new, ground-breaking approach to an old problem, or is it modification of an existing approach? Is an old concept applied to a different field?

We will inform you of the acceptance or rejection of your application via email. Accepted speakers will further be asked to send us a short biography (150- 200 words) and photo of themselves.

Speaker application deadline: End  of October 2023
Speakers will be notified by: End of December, 2023


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