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European Students' Conference

European Students’ Conference — Our Latest Partner

Building connections with students is at the heart of my work as Xpomet’s Head of Student Marketing. By forging partnerships with the next generation of doctors, nurses, scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs, we can ensure that the future of healthcare is in disruptive yet secure hands. That’s why we are looking to join hands with as many student conferences around Europe that we can. Starting closer to home (in fact only a 15 minutes walk from our office!), we can announce the European Students’ Conference, hosted at Charité Berlin, are our first partner student conference for this year.

With over 30 years of experience, it is the main meet-up for medical students throughout Europe. This year the festival runs from 25th to 28th of September, with over 400 students expected to join from over 40 countries.

This year’s topic at the European Students’ Conference is “Future Ageing — Today’s Research, Tomorrow’s Medicine”. The program features talks by renowned speakers, start-up sessions, workshops, panel discussions, live surgeries and of course, an after-party. Speakers include Prof. Akiko Maeda, Prof. Dr. Michael Heneka, Dr. Gael Chételat and Dr. Nicola Wilck. The highlight is the ESC-contest. Over 300 posters are presented, with 6 finalists picked. They then present their work at the festival, with the chance to win up to €3000. If you want to get involved, simply click on the link here.

If you are a student enrolled at a university other than Charité, you can also get involved in the Ambassador Program, which not only looks great on your CV, but gives you priority registration to the social programme and two complimentary drinks at the event. To learn more about this, head on over to their Ambassador Program page!

If you are part of a Student Conference and you want to partner with Xpomet, simply send me an email at redmond.bacon@xpomet.com. We would be happy to work with you.