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EuroSTEMPeers Joining Forces With Xpomet

University graduates are the future of innovation, especially those working in STEM subjects. Whether its science, technology, engineering or mathematical students, these graduates have an opportunity to make an impact by developing interdisciplinary skills. They only have to be pointed in the right direction to get their careers off to a roaring start. That’s why we are very happy to announce our partnership with EuroSTEMPeers, the European chapter of a global support group for people with STEM degrees.

The community works to help STEM graduates with their careers or further academic studies after they have gained degrees. Offering a social media platform, mentoring opportunities and networking events, it is the go-to place for graduates to find inspiration when transitioning into industrial, academic and entrepreneurial roles after finishing their studies. Connecting over 13,000 STEM students from top rated universities from all across the world, it is an essential resource for international informational exchange.

With three successful meetings in Brno, Boston and New York over the past two years, the next EuroSTEMPeers 2019 event in Berlin on April 27th will be a great platform for young researchers and professionals to meet up and plot their roadmap to success. By learning from the strongest leaders in their respective fields, they can see how to excel in their chosen fields.  A one day event, it boasts speakers such as Markus Dettenhofer, Bejal Joshi and Chris Amrbuster. Panels later in the day focus on topics such as “Science Publishing, Communication and Outreach”, “Opportunities in Pharma/Biotech” and “Inclusion and Diversity in STEM”. There will also be an Entrepreneurship Session, spearheaded by Lawrence Rajendran, and a Networking Lunch.

The event will take place on the Charité Campus in Mitte on April 27th. The XPOMET© team will be in attendance if you are coming and want to learn more about what we do. You can sign up for tickets by clicking on the link here.