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Best Practice Change Management – how Recare can actively help to digitize discharge coordination processes

Format : Keynote
Date : 10.10.2019
Time : 14:00 – 14:30
Participant: Recare
Maximilian Greschke (CEO, Recare GmbH)
  • Arena Berlin – Digital Health Stage

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Every year the number of patients needing follow-up care increases by 8,2% and will double by 2025 compared to the number of patients in 2015. Even today the manual and individual process in the follow-up care coordination leads to unnecessary lay days of patients and makes it hard to control the periods of hospitalization of each patient. Therefore, scalability and digitisation is of high importance to master upcoming challenges in the care coordination process.

Effective change management

can help hospitals to set up scalable processes and implement them permanently.

Maximilian Greschke is going to to present Recare as a best practice example

for successful change management and especially focus on all factors that have

to be considered during the project.