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Data Tower – Center for Data Driven Innovation

Format : Discussion
Date : 10.10.2019
Time : 12:00 – 13:00
  • Arena Berlin – Showcase-Arena Digital Health Showcase Area

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  • Dr. med. Jörg Noetzel, MBA, Medizinischer Geschäftsführer, Vorsitzender der Geschäftsführung Klinikverbund Südwest GmbH
  • Oliver Seebass, Geschäftsführer FAC’T IT GmbH
  • Wolf-Christian Varoß, Leiter IT Elisabeth Vinzenz Verbund
  • Alois G. Steidel, Vorstandsvorsitzender (CEO), K|M|S AG


  • Nils Florian Wittig; Geschäftsleitung Chief Experience Officer (CXO); K|M|S AG

How to utilize technology, digitalisation and networking in a usefull way in healthcare? Interoperability – the ability of systems to exchange information – is of great importance in making the most of the possibilites offered by digital transformation. A willingness to add value through collaboration by devision of labour becomes a key to innovation.

Participants will discuss their digitalisation strategies and the relevance of a Hospital Control Tower as the „single point of truth“