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Data Tower

Format : Showcase
Date : 10.10.2019
Time : 09:30 – 10:00
Participant:K|M|S, Aicura, m.Doc, Recare
  • Venue : Arena Berlin – Arena Digital Health

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The DataTower ShowCase shows how technology, digitization and networking can be used sensibly for all service recipients and service providers in healthcare. The central prerequisite for exploiting the opportunities of digital transformation is interoperability, i.e. the ability of systems to exchange information.

Together, AICURA medical, re|care, m.Doc and K|M|S will show how fast and secure access to data can make efficient care with individual medical and nursing treatment processes possible:

  • Smart Clinic patient app for data collection and communication before, during and after hospitalization
  • Edge computing platform for data protection-compliant and AI-based analysis of medical data 
  • Example of federated machine learning: AI-based algorithms for prediction of complex cardiological interventions
  • eisTIK® Process Mining powered by Celonis to increase quality and efficiency during your stay at the clinic
  • Seamless transfer of patients to follow-up care
  • Interoperability and expandability to integrate additional components into the clinic’s digital ecosystem

The ShowCase DataTower presents the digitization strategy for the introduction of a hospital control tower as a “single point of truth” for service providers in the healthcare industry. Enable data driven Healthcare Innovation.