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Transforming decision making in Healthcare – Innovation and Consistency with K|M|S

Format : Stage presentation
Date : 10.10.2019
Time : 10:00 – 10:30
Participant: K|M|S
Speaker: Nils Florian Wittig; Geschäftsleitung Chief Experience Officer (CXO); K|M|S AG
  • Venue : Arena Berlin – Arena Digital Health

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K|M|S is proud to be the market leader for knowledge management and data warehouse infrastructure in the healthcare industry. Since 1996, the Unterhaching-based (close to Munich) business is the most important technological and functional pacesetter in the German healthcare industry. As a long-term strategic partner, K|M|S supports hospital and healthcare professionals in their corporate management, as well as daily and strategic decision processes. Nearly five hundred hospitals in Germany and Austria rely on K|M|S systems for transparency and innovative approaches in healthcare management. Find out why…