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Finding Solutions Through Collaboration

Thank you to everyone who came to our event, Collaboration for Next Generation Healthcare. The room was filled with innovation leaders, entrepreneurs and researchers all inquisitive about the state of the system in Germany and looking for meaningful change. 

It was hosted at Signals Open Studios, a selective co-working space cum venture capital company that also encourages companies it agrees with to put on events. They kicked off proceedings with a brief introduction to the mission of Signals (learn more here!) who are also dipping their toes into the world of healthcare. This was followed by our Head of Exhibition and Start Up Segment initiator Dr. Jubin Shah outlining the aims of the program and how both startups and investors can get stuck in. Next up was Rakesh Kasturi, better known as the Sprintdoctor, who outlined a new collaborative model for improving the healthcare system, allowing people to remotely work together on solutions through collaboration without the need for the conventional back and forth found in email and phone conversations. This involved asking audience members to whip out their phones and give their own suggestions, which could then be beamed directly on the screen, allowing us to hash out new ideas in real time. 

The head of our Medical Board, Henri Michael von Blanquet, also made an appearance, laying out the philosophy of the Xpomet Medicinale and its value based system. Rounding off the talks was Xpomet chairperson and speaker Bernd Altpeter, who relayed his successes and failures in scaling companies in both Germany and the USA. This was followed by a fun networking session with beer and bretzels.  

We welcome open feedback at Xpomet, and our excited to hear you what you think about our Start Up Ecosystem. Please send any comments or suggestions to jubin.shah@xpomet.com.