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Göttingen Campus

The University of Göttingen and the Göttingen Campus: A True Cradle of Innovation

Universities are the cradles of innovation, places where current and future scientists can develop the necessary skills to push society forward. As the XPOMET © Medicinale © is all about the future, it makes sense that we champion students in order for them to reach their full potential. That’s why we are pleased to announce our latest partnership with the The University of Göttingen and the Göttingen Campus.

Located in Lower Saxony, the University of Göttingen was founded in 1737 by George II Augustus as a means to promote the ideals of the Enlightenment. Since then it has truly lived up to its creed, boasting 45 Nobel Prize winners among its alumni, faculty members and researchers. Now it easily stands as one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

We are particularly proud to be connected with The University of Göttingen and the Göttingen Campus, a renowned alliance of ten research institutions — both inside and outside the university — joining forces to advance research, teaching, and the training of early career researchers. The University of Göttingen and the Göttingen Campus also partners with strong regional actors in business, science, politics and culture, improving both the Lower Saxony region and Germany as a whole. They now count 10 members, 14 associate partners and 5,900 researchers among their ranks. Together they run collaborative research projects carried out by Campus members, spanning from medicine, to energy conversion to the solar system. With so much talent involved at the Campus, students of today can easily learn the skills to become the innovation drivers of tomorrow. This year’s Xpomet will feature representatives from the University, especially in the region of life sciences, who will be happy to share the amazing things that The University of Göttingen and the Göttingen Campus has been up to. 

If you want to learn more about what The University of Göttingen and the Göttingen Campus does, why don’t you check them out at their website? They are also available on Twitter, where they share all their latest updates. We look forward to seeing them at the festival!

Photo credit: Michael Mehle