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Health Hackathon — Saving Lives Through Coding

The growing complexity of the healthcare system requires innovative and novel solutions. That’s why coding has risen so much in importance. This year’s Xpomet will be complemented by a HealthHackathon.com, presented by The Impact Farm, which imagines issues facing the system in the year 2025 and how they can be solved through effective digitalisation.

Many amazing things such as apps and even the concepts behind entire companies have been produced during Hackathons — their short time frames and competitive nature forcing people to come up with some truly exciting technological solutions. We hope this year is no exception, with the healthcare of the future dreamed up in only the space of a few days. With the healthcare sector mostly taken up by routine events and procedures, a Hackathon actively disrupts the norm by focusing solely on new and intelligent solutions to our most pressing issues.

The application period runs from May 1 to September 1. In the month before the festival, the teams will be given their challenges from which they can prepare for the Hackathon. The three day session will run alongside the festival, with the winners given out on October 12th.

The four topics covered in the Health Hackathon include Medical Technology, Care, Hospital Management and Health Insurance. If you want to apply, prepare a brief description of your thoughts regarding „Digital Medicine – Challenges and Solutions in 2025” with reference to one of those key topics. You can apply as part of a team, an individual, or as a mentor. There are a variety of cash prizes to be won up to a total of €15,000. And if you don’t win, there’s always the afterparty on October 12 for you to drown your sorrows slash gather new contacts from the world of medicine and technology. To learn more and to apply online, head on over to https://www.healthhackathon.com/#topics.