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Digital challenges in the area of medical technology, hospital management, care and insurance in the year 2025 must be solved. Which incentives must be set correctly for the participants in a healthcare system so that we place the patients at the centre of a healthcare system and relieve the staff through effective digitalisation?

Interdisciplinary experts work together in an open atmosphere to develop holistic solutions, e.g. in the field of interoperability.  We consider both global, e.g. the benefits and effects of telemedicine and adaptive eLearning, as well as local topics, e.g. third party applications at ePA through AI, blockchain and data analytics.

You can apply as a team or an individual.



Medical Technology

e.g. image evaluation and AI for the identification of diabetes


e.g. image evaluation and AI for the identification of diabetes

Hospital Management

e.g. optimization of everyday hospital life through integration of legally binding file systems (DLT) into the backend of hospital systems

Health Insurance

e.g. image evaluation and AI for the identification of diabetes

Frequently asked questions

Everybody wants to get involved in cool and innovative projects and see its fruitful results fast. Especially in the heterogenous health-sector with its day-to-day business routines, it is hard to bring the different disciplines together to build cool products. A Hackathon solves this problem by concentrating all efforts specifically on collaboration, tools, and the final product in a very short and result driven time.

Meet, work with and learn from interdisciplinary experts improving your skills in new fields of dynamic product development. Jedi experts with different skill sets will accompany you during your hack and broaden your horizons on expert talks and workshops.

A good hackathon feels like magic but in reality, the organization, visibility, communication, and orchestration of the best teams and ideas is extensive work. Ensuring a dense and unforgettable experience – free of charge – take time and effort. The sponsors help us to provide you the best experience at the top edge of industry challenges.

Teams have full ownership of everything they build at our events and are free to do with it as they wish. BUT: Since sensitive data is often handled especially in the health sector, and you may need anonymous data records, e.g. from a sponsor, to prove your challenge, we should clarify individually in the preparation phase where your result is in the need of third parties input.

The active participation at the hackathon is free. Nevertheless, many experts cannot afford participation. In case you are applying from an emerging economy country, we will check the possibility for the reimbursement of the travel expenses. Please tell us in the registration form below.

You can apply for the #healthhackathon as a team, an individual or a mentor free of charge.

We want to connect professionally experienced care experts, physicians, medical technicians and pharmacists who are digitally affine with developers, lawyers and other interdisciplinary experts from research and development who are interested in health