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The HEALZZ.community and Creating a Healthy Healthcare Network.

The healthcare industry is close to its tipping point. New innovations and technologies are being built every day but the overall framework is still slow, and even resistant, to change. With our Medicinale, XPOMET© wants to speed up this process considerably, bringing the best and brightest minds in the business into one place to learn and grow from each other. But how do we create a healthcare network that is both healthy and disruptive, ready to change while learning from the past? The HEALZZ.community, started by Frank Stratmann in 2007, was born through a desire for change in the healthcare industry. By connecting disparate elements of the healthcare industry, HEALZZ.community works as a connecting accelerator, inspiring change through dialogue and communication.

In our opinion, it is a must-go-to resource for anyone serious about the world of healthcare. With many networking events simply echoing the same buzzwords over and over, HEALZZ offers real insight into the ever-changing business, vigorous topics on the latest trends a key factor of their social media pages. No ideas are off the table, and questioning the rigid structures of the system is always encouraged.

The initiative started on Xing, under the name “Community for the Healthcare Industry” (Community für die Gesundheitswirtschaft) a social networking site for working healthcare professionals. With over 27,000 members on their Xing profile, the HEALZZ.Community served as a daily forum for discussion for the smartest minds in the business. Recently they have moved outside of Xing, and can now be found on Telegram, LinkedIn and Facebook. They also have a Newsletter that you can subscribe to for updates, event notices and even curated summaries of their most important discussions.

The HEALZZ.community community also understands that talking on the internet is one thing, but it can never beat face-to-face interaction. That’s why you can find them at congresses and events such as the International Health Economics Association, Capital Congress of Medicine and Healthcare and the Medica Trade Fair. They already made their best choice in partnering with Xpomet, making sure that the future of healthcare is as bright as ever!

Check them out at their website now!