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HL7 Announced as Xpomet’s Latest Partner!

Great healthcare is all about maintaining standards. The flow of information is even faster than ever, meaning that certain procedures have to be followed to make sure they can be understood by different firms all across the world. That’s why we’re happy to partner with the highly respected HL7 Germany at Xpomet 2019. Their standards set an example to be followed across Germany and other European sectors. 

They are the German affiliate organization of Health Level Seven International, a worldwide standards institution which specifies the types of set rules companies should follow in the healthcare sector. This includes the sharing of client data, clinical records and other health and medical transactions.

Their work develops the standard with regards to the German healthcare industry, developing implementation guidelines as well as training users and system manufacturers. These standards, available in HTML form, can be implemented for free, meaning that practices need not pay for expensive licenses or running fees. Their aim is to improve the value of health outcomes by specifying the best possible way for transferring information and maintaining high standards. They also promote dialogue with Hl7 users across the world, including German-speaking user groups in Austria and Switzerland, and the Hl7 Europe Office in Brussels. They also participate in the Interoperability Forum, which enjoyed its second event last year in Washington, DC.

The voluntary organisation, which was founded in 1993, has around 100 voluntary members, including 50 clinics in Germany. They are part of the Joint Initiative Council on SDO Global Health Informatics, which works to establish a mutually agreed upon decision process for international standardization. They will bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the festival.

Check out more directly at their website and via their Facebook Page! We look forward to seeing them attend! Book your ticket for the festival now if you haven’t already.