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IMSCB — Bringing out the Best in Bucharest

In an increasingly globalised world, creating networks that stretch all over Europe and the rest of the world is key to improving standards in the world of healthcare. By extending the hand of partnership to Student Conferences all across Europe, Xpomet is ensuring that no one is left behind when it comes to Next Generation Healthcare.  Our latest partnership solidifies this ethos: joining forces with the International Medical Students’ Conference Bucharest (IMSCB). Running from 4th – 8th December, it gathers the best young minds in Romania and elsewhere to collaborate, learn new skills, discuss their future and find new solutions within the healthcare industry.

It all began in 1997 when a small group of medical students decided it was Romania’s time to have an internationally recognised congress dedicated to medical students and young doctors. First known as the The National Congress for Medical Students and Young Doctors, the IMSCB now consists of over over 50 hands-on workshops and 20 conferences, attracting over 800 participants. As they write on their bio: “the congress represents more than a celebration of the newest medical innovations – a tradition and a celebration of collegiality.” 

This year’s conference is the Ana Aslan edition, named after the famous Romanian biologist and physician who is generally considered to be a world pioneer in gerontology and geriatrics. To learn more about IMSCBucharest, simply head on over to their Facebook Page. We are glad to have them on board, and look forward to seeing them at the Medicinale. 

Are you part of an international conference platform for students and do you want to get involved with Xpomet? We now have a dedicated session gathering global medical student conferences together, where they can talk about their aims and their hopes for the future. To learn more, simply contact me now at redmond.bacon@xpomet.com