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KMS — Germany’s Leading Knowledge Manager

When it comes to healthcare, knowledge management is key. Good management of knowledge transfers means that the cost of services can be lowered while quality can be improved. Here at Xpomet we understand the need for expertise and experience when it comes to these matters. That’s why we are happy to have K|M|S as an impact sponsor at the festival.

They are the market leader when it comes to knowledge management and business intelligence in the German hospital industry. With over 60 employees, they set the trends in the German industry through strategic management tools, usable products, and consultancy work.. These include, eisTIK®, an information system used in strategic and operative clinic management, EOH® — EYE On HEALTH, which works in the hospital marketing sphere and The Academy of K|M|S, which works as the central platform for knowledge transfer and transfer between clients, specialists and executives in healthcare facilities.

The company’s motto is “Immer für Sie da”, meaning in English: “Always there for you”. Their ethos is based upon a few core values, including Openness, Support, Engagement, Reliability and Support. When working with hospitals and managers, they focus on three important control levels: Profitability and Efficiency, Quality and Safety, and Market Strategy.

As an impact sponsor and key strategic partner of Xpomet, K|M|S will be bringing considerable expertise to the festival. CEO Alois Steidel will be there, along with Nils Wittig, Gesa Steidel and Stefan Lachmann. If you want to get in touch with K|M|S for any reason, please take a look at their team members page now! Additionally, they will be in Cologne for the 26. German Hospital Controller Day between June 27 and 28. Learn more about the event via this link. To learn more about K|M|S, visit their webpage now!