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LadyBWell — Helping Indian Women Help Themselves

With early detection, breast cancer deaths are 99% preventable. Yet it is still the largest killer of women in many emerging areas of the world. In India for example, this problem is particularly bad, with one woman dying every seven minutes (and a new detection every three minutes). Developed countries have a high survival rate while in developing markets this curable disease is often a death sentence. LadyBWell – THE BREAST HEALTH PEOPLE have a digital platform of education and FDA cleared screening that “goes to where women are” in a readily trainable and sustainable model.

The problem is one of access, as 97% of Indian women have never had a breast exam. Additionally, with the Indian population growing, there is estimated to be around 500,000 new cases in a few short years. The LadyBWell platform hopes to end this needless pain by making breast screenings more accessible across emerging countries (India / SE Asia, Africa, Latin America, etc.). Therefore the company wants to put itself out of business by making breast cancer deaths a thing of the past.

The LadyBWell early detection program includes a quick, painless, and non-invasive digital technology that can be used for breast screening. The FDA and WHO cleared product is convenient to use and provides immediate results. Notable about breast cancer is that studies have shown that when a lump below 10mm in diameter is found, then death can almost certainly be averted. This is in-line with THE BREAST HEALTH PEOPLE’s motto, which is “saving lives and preserving family happiness.”

LadyBWell is seeking supporters and local partners to embrace their proven B2B breast cancer prevention outreach programs. The program includes customized train-the-trainer programs, digital and cloud based business platforms, localized breast health education, and early detection digital screenings. Forward Journey Support guidance is also a key benefit. Ideal partners include health and wellness companies, CSR/NGO initiatives, women’s organizations and schools, plus a novel, women empowering/employing “Nurse-Preneur” program. Whether “urban or rural,” “for-profit or non-profit”…all groups are welcomed.

The company was started by XPOMET© Speaker Carman Kobza, the creator of India’s first “We Come To You” digital breast screenings business. With an extensive international executive career spanning over 80 countries, he has a wealth of experience when it comes to utilizing the latest digital technologies to serve women’s preventative health issues. If you want to get in touch or collaborate with Carman, his email is carman@ladybwell.com, or you can message him on WhatsApp at +491725455679. To learn more, visit LadyBWell.com now!