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The Xpomet© MediCampus — A Tremendous Success

It all started as a football tournament between Medical Students. Now it boasts over 30,000 students every year, coming to party, learn, and grow from each other. At Xpomet we are highly interested in the future of healthcare, and were glad to be a part of such a wonderful festival, helping Medimeisterschaften with its inaugural MediCampus.

After all the hard work, the day-long Sunday event was a tremendous success. Hundreds of students packed the rafters of the MediStadium, listening to a variety of talks, taking part in workshops and enjoying a relaxed yet informative vibe. Medical students sure know how to party, but they were highly attentive when it came to learning from these speakers and their various aims.

The MediCampus kicked off with Dr.med. Gernot Rücker from the University of Rostock explaining the negative side effects of smoking and drinking (something that might hit too close to home on the Sunday of a music festival) as well as providing a potted history of the German drug market.

He was followed by XPOMET© Medicinale © speaker Nick Adkins, who came to spread the pink socks movement, handing out hugs and stickers everywhere he went. Live on the MediCampus stage, he recreated the world’s biggest cinnamon roll hug, roping in hundreds of students together in one massive spiral circle.

Giulia Tomasello, who you can catch in Berlin at SxTech on July 1st, then introduced her Future Flora project, a wearable biosensor for monitoring vaginal discharge. Breaking taboos and spreading awareness around women’s health, her product is still in the conceptual stage, but you can learn more via her website.

Also stressing the power of technology to provide new and innovative solutions was Professor Frechen from the University of Kassel. At the campus he demonstrated PAUL, his Waterbackpack, a portable unit that filtrates water, removing bacterias and viruses from contaminated sources. It is currently used in a variety of African countries, such as Ethiopia, Tanzania and Nigeria.

From Africa we moved to India, with Carman Kobza presenting LadyBWell, a product designed to detect breast cancer while it’s still in its infant stages. He passionately stressed how breast cancer, the biggest killer of women in the world, is a totally needless disease, as with the right screening it is 99% preventable. His work is predominantly in India, where women in rural areas still don’t have access to affordable medicine, stressing the need for innovative technological solutions such as LadyBWell. If you want to learn more about Ladybwell, you can visit their website here.

XPOMET partner BVMD (German Medical Students’ Association) then rounded off the talks with some prize-giving, as well as information on how students can get involved.

These talks were interspersed with a variety of fun and quirky interludes, including Bier Yoga (exactly what you think it would be), Poetry Slams, and a Massage Workshop. Combining fun with seriousness is a difficult task, especially when dealing with inebriated students, yet the community at Medimeisterschaften enjoyed the experience, and asked pointed questions, eager to learn more about the speakers and the things they had to offer.

We would like to thank Medimeisterschaften for such a wonderful time and for being such good hosts for Xpomet. Our stickers, flyers and brochures flew off the stalls like hot cakes! As for the Xpomet t-shirts, they were the hottest product at the festival — with nearly all of them disappearing in the first two days alone! We will be sure to print more, and we look forward to being at a campus near you!