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Xpomet x Medis — Nurturing the Future of Healthcare

Students are the future of healthcare, possessing the ability to change everything we know about the industry on its head. As a commitment to the innovators of the future, we are very excited to announce our partnership with the highly famous Medimeisterschaften. 

Taking place on Flugplatz Obermehler in Thuringen from June 6-10, Medimeisterschaften is the biggest festival of its kind. 30,000 medical students from across Europe come together for five days of music, partying and sporting competitions. The highlight is its Champions League-esque footballing competition, in which universities from all over Germany compete to win the biggest prize in (medical student) football.

Their motto is #nurliebe. Meaning “only love” in German, it perfectly encapsulates everything Medis stands for. The festival is based upon three core principles, community, respect and creativity, making them the perfect partners for the XPOMET© MEDICINALE©. Not only does the festival provide a safe space for medical students to learn from each other and gather future contacts for the industry, but the money from pledges and bottle deposits goes towards charities such as UNICEF, MediFonds eV and “Yes You Can”.

In partnership with Xpomet, Medimeisterschaften are introducing the OpenAir-Campus on Sunday 9th June. Xpomet speaker Nick Adkins, known for spreading the love with the pink socks movement, will be bringing his signature energetic speaking style, alongside Professor Frechen from the University of Kassel, Dr Gernot Rücker from Rostock University Medical Center, Labybwell innovator and Xpomet speaker Carman Kobza, and Giulia Tomasello, the brains behind wearable technology such as Future Flora. This will be accompanied by slam poetry, live music and a halftime show, as well as an exclusive after show party.

If you are attending Medimeisterschaften, we look forward to welcoming you at both the Sunday event and at our Xpomet Tent in the Sponsor Area, where we will be handing out free drinks and goodies, as well as the exclusive opportunity to attend our future health party at a discounted price. Swing by for a beer, a chat, and to learn more about Xpomet! To learn more about MediCampus, check out their page now!