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Meet Xpomet’s Latest Speaker – With A Little Help From Soul Machines

Xpomet is all about looking to the future. These last few weeks, we’ve been announcing speaker after speaker, proudly partnering with some of the brightest names in the world of Digital Health to present some of the freshest, most groundbreaking ideas around.

Well…now we might well have surpassed ourselves. We’re proud to announce our latest speaker – one who is quite unlike any other. Meet Roman.

Soul Machines

“Hi, I’m Roman, a digital human brought to life by Soul Machines. With me, you can experience AI like never before because I learn and react emotionally like humans do. I look forward to meeting you at XPOMET in Berlin, Germany!”

Roman is a Digital Human, created by Soul Machines as a robot with emotional intelligence and the ability to reach in real time to information supplied by humans. We deal in Digital Health, so a Digital Human is the logical next step, right?

Soul Machines are a ground-breaking tech company that specialises in AI, using neuroscientists, psychologists, artists, AI experts and others to create lifelike artificial humans like Roman.

Their tech is truly innovative: they use neural networks that combine biologically-inspired models of the human brain and key sensory networks to create a virtual central nervous system that they call the Human Computing Engine. This then can create lifelike reactions in artificial humans – using the same sensory inputs that humans to do determine reactions.

The practical uses for this are nearly endless, but let’s simply confine ourselves to our own: Xpomet will be featuring Roman from Soul Machines, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Welcome aboard, Roman!