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It all started as a football tournament between Medical Students. Now it boasts over 30,000 students every year, coming to party, learn, and grow from each other. At Xpomet we are highly interested in the future of healthcare, and were glad to be a part of such a wonderful festival, helping Medimeisterschaften with its inaugural MediCampus. After all the hard work, the day-long Sunday event was a tremendous success. Hundreds of students packed the rafters of the MediStadium, listening to a

With early detection, breast cancer deaths are 99% preventable. Yet it is still the largest killer of women in many emerging areas of the world. In India for example, this problem is particularly bad, with one woman dying every seven minutes (and a new detection every three minutes). Developed countries have a high survival rate while in developing markets this curable disease is often a death sentence. LadyBWell – THE BREAST HEALTH PEOPLE have a digital platform of education and

Size doesn’t always matter. This is especially true for the small nation of Israel. The country is leading when it comes to technological innovations. is one of the world leaders when it comes to innovation in healthcare. Containing over 1,400 active life science companies, including numerous start-ups as well as multinationals, Israel has become a hub for all things related to life sciences and biotechnology. One of the main secret’s to Israel’s success has been institutions such as the Weizmann

If you’ve ever faced the possibility of going under the knife, you must have experienced at least some mild anxiety, knowing that surgery outcomes are not guaranteed and even the best surgeons can have a bad day. In fact, you’re usually asked to sign a paper called a consent form, a legal document that states that you have been informed about the risks of the treatment and you allow your doctor to go ahead with the surgery, by taking full responsibility

The growing complexity of the healthcare system requires innovative and novel solutions. That’s why coding has risen so much in importance. This year’s Xpomet will be complemented by a HealthHackathon.com, presented by The Impact Farm, which imagines issues facing the system in the year 2025 and how they can be solved through effective digitalisation. Many amazing things such as apps and even the concepts behind entire companies have been produced during Hackathons — their short time frames and competitive nature

When it comes to success, knowing is half the battle. This is why networks are so important — giving people access to resources they didn’t even know existed. That’s why we are so glad to join with STEMPeers. STEMPeers is a nonprofit organization founded with the aim of creating a peer-based mentoring and support platform for the worldwide STEM workforce. Started by a group of STEM graduates who suffered from poor academic training, STEMPeers was created to allow graduates realise

At Xpomet we want to lead the world of healthcare into the future. To achieve this aim, we have gathered some of the most exciting healthcare players from across the world. One such speaker truly pushing the envelope is Dr Rafael Grossmann. The Venezuelan-born doctor distinguished himself in the USA by quickly adopting the power of futuristic technologies. In 2013, he made history by being the first doctor to live stream a surgery through Google Glass. Covered in Forbes by