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The same interests, goals, and passion for science can lead to some strong chemistry. What can be more romantic than being stuck in labs together with someone, working on a new discovery? These 5 couples succeeded not only to build remarkable partnerships but also make a contribution to science.  Marie & Pierre Curie We would like to start with probably the most famous scientific couple - Marie and Pierre Curie. Pierre gave up his research to join Marie’s project. We can only

With long-distance missions to Mars and commercial space travels coming closer, questions on how to keep astronauts and passengers healthy during and after space flights are getting more attention.   In space, everything works differently  Living in space for a prolonged time comes along with major challenges for our health: microgravity, radiation, social isolation and a disrupted circadian rhythm are extreme environmental conditions that can be associated to numerous physical and psychological conditions. Your organs slightly change their location in your body, as

The XPOMET© 360° Next Generation Healthcare Book is your ultimate companion to the topics that were on discussion during the XPOMET© Medicinale 2019. Reproduced below is an article from XPOMET© Medical Board Chairman Dr. Henri Michael v. Blanquet on how precision medicine will revolutionise therapies. Read all about it below: XPOMET© 360° Next Generation Healthcare is now available to purchase on the MWV website. Additionally, XPOMET© tickets are now available for early purchase. Get your tickets now!

Behind the innovative and engaging event of the XPOMET © Medicinale, which attracted 2,900 visitors in Berlin last autumn, is a team of ten enthusiastic and driven people. Our aim is to create a patient-focused healthcare platform showcasing future solutions that can be implemented across the industry.   The Luther StartUp Conference Vol. 6 on January 30 united informative sessions and networking our team did not want to miss out. Connecting to peers from different industries and across Europe gave the