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We are all familiar with the saying “One man’s food is another man’s poison” yet it is only now with the advent of nutrigenomics and microbiome research that it is becoming apparent why. Poisons are not restricted to lectins in grains and legumes or to common food intolerances such as to gluten, casein (dairy), soy, corn and egg protein. Popular food items that are generally considered “heathy” may have deleterious effects in some people and recent nutrigenomics and microbiome research

Along with SUENJHAID! The Health Captains, we warmly invite members of our community and others to attend our social meeting-point and think-tank at the International Club Berlin, Thüringer Allee 5-11, on May 21st, 19:00. A short trip away from City Cube, The International Club is a prestigious British-style club in Westend, founded in 1994, that has become synonymous with exclusivity and quality. It currently counts none other than HRH The Prince of Wales as its Patron and the Ambassador of

Whether it's clubs or cabaret, the Weimar Republic or the Legendary ‘90s, Berlin has always been known for its progressive sexual politics. And in recent years, it’s become even more acclaimed for its innovative start-up culture. Therefore it’s no surprise to see the two interests merge, with the world of sex meeting the world of deep tech. Nevertheless, the topic of sex does not get enough attention in terms of technology, making it important to bring this subject to the forefront

Security is at the very heart of healthcare. By making sure that those on the receiving end of care are safe, half the battle of keeping them healthy has already been achieved. That’s why we can happily announce Cyber-Security Council Germany as XPOMET© MEDICINALE©’s latest patron. Cyber-Security Council Germany is a Berlin-based organisation founded in 2012 with the aim of advising businesses, policymakers and governments on how to maintain cyber security and successfully combat cybercrime. Their members span from medium and

The annual EuroSTEMPeers took place on the 27th April in Berlin at the Charité CrossOver (CCO) Auditorium. Over 100 experts and STEM Graduates met up to discuss the importance of STEM, diversity, opportunities and collaborations and much much more. It was a great day, forging a new and deeper alliance between the XPOMET© MEDICINALE© community and the global STEM community. The conference started with registrations at 8 am, with initial remarks given at 9 am by organizing team head Dr. Mayur

“Our vision for Xpomet© Medicinale Festival is to connect all important key stake holders in next-generation healthcare and allow technologies to be translated within and from outside the healthcare field” Xpomet© founder, Ulrich PieperImmunotherapy has become a revolution in the area of cancer treatment. Compared to traditional methods, such as invasive surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy, immunotherapy is more specific and less toxic to patients. Immunotherapy treatments work by unleashing the immune system’s ability to fight cancer. These treatments can either activate

The XPOMET© MEDICINALE© is all about improving the healthcare system within a global-facing context. We don't just want to focus on people already established in the industry but also want to invite absolutely anybody with an interest in the world of care. While many medical conferences and tech festivals can be overly focused on insider events and B2B conversations, we want to inspire the next generation of budding scientists and healthcare enthusiasts and business entrepreneurs. That's why we are happy

Ahoi! Fancy a trip to the seaside? Currently enjoying their 16th year of sustainable leadership, SUENJHAID! The Health Captains takes place as every year during the ascension period on the picturesque Föhr Island. Meaning “health” in Fering, the local language of Germany’s second-most northern Island (after Sylt), SUENJHAID! was established to create a multi-professional and multi-sectoral “silo-free” Leadership-Think-Tank in order to help improve the global health market. As an official partner of XPOMET © MEDICINALE ©, we invite all members

Do you have a great idea in the field of healthcare and innovation? Think it has what it takes to go all the way? Then why don’t you enter the “Future Award Healthcare Industry” hosted by the Club of Healthcare Industry (club der gesundheitswirtschaft)? The winner is entitled to €5,000 in prize money as well as guaranteed publication in the various media channels of leading health business magazine kma.  The prize competition takes place on October 9 at Spreespeicher in Berlin-Friedrichshain,

Have you got tickets for XPOMET © MEDICINALE © 2019 yet? If not, what are you waiting for? The XPOMET © MEDICINALE© is a three day event showcasing the very best in health and technology, creating a platform for innovation across many different spheres of the world of healthcare. Disruption and knowledge transfer provides the backbone to our festival. 5000 international guests will attend with the opportunity to hear from over 150 inspiring speakers, including Auma Obama, Aubrey de Gray,