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Last week saw the British House of Commons reject a proposed deal to withdraw from the European Union, with Theresa May’s government losing the vote on the prospective agreement by an unprecedentedly large margin. With the UK parliament riven with divisions between those wanting a hard Brexit, a soft Brexit and no Brexit at all, the only current certainty is that, should no deal be agreed by March 29th, the country will leave the European Union and revert to World

By Dana Knight The topic of women’s health in technology today is full of clichés. Reading the titles of specialist magazines or female-focused talks at tech conferences, you get the impression it’s all about reproductive and sexual health, with various period & fertility trackers, the latest connected devices for pumping breast milk or enhancing your pelvic floor muscles, smart tampons or at home pap smear tests making headlines (1). But sex differences don’t stop here. Our reproductive organs are not everything that