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PATH India

PATH: Dedicated to Transforming Healthcare Worldwide

The strong partnership between XPOMET© and India continues. Our latest partner, PATH India Counter Program, is one of the largest non-profit global health organisations. We are happy to announce them onboard.

Founded in 1977, PATH is a non-profit health organisation dedicated to delivering the innovations, resources and expertise of private industry to better improve healthcare for everyone. They are formed upon the belief that “better health moves humanity”. They are a global team of innovators looking to improve health equality through advising public institutions, businesses, grassroots groups and investors.

Their team is composed of a mixture of scientists, health professionals, business leaders, engineers and other experts from a diverse range of specialities. They are not just limited to India either, working in more than 70 countries across the globe, including Sub-Sarahan Africa and South America. The scope of their work is truly international, focusing on tackling health problems relating to structural instability and difficulty of access. They are a solution based company, focusing on issues that include supporting Safe Water and Sanitation, accelerating R&D in Africa, Universal Health Coverage, Tracking Malaria, creating tools for Vaccine Development, promoting Sexual and Reproductive Health, encouraging healthy Nutrition, nurturing Early Childhood Development and tackling Diarrheic Diseases.

Today they are especially focused on harnessing data and digital tools. Digitisation is one of the key topics of the Xpomet conference, especially the way that it can be used to foster partnerships across countries and drive innovation. Path’s dedication to this topic makes them one of the most forward thinking organisations around.

Neeraj Jain, the Country Director of PATH’s India country program, will be at Xpomet to speak about PATH’s mission in India and globally. We welcome him to Xpomet and look forward to learning more about PATH’s work. To learn more about them, check out their website now.

Photo: PATH/Prashanth Vishwanathan