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Pioneers Discover

Pioneers Discover: Driving Corporate Innovation

The pitches have been rolling in for our start-up segment event at the Xpomet Medicinale. We would like to thank all of the exciting new companies who have shared their entrepreneurial ideas with us. And if you haven’t, simply head on over to our startup page now! We are sure that our #solutionecosystem19 will be a terrific success. Nonetheless, these successes aren’t anything without the help from our partners, both of the main event and those who are taking part in this segment. In particular we would like to shout out Pioneers Discover!

Pioneers Discover are a company driving corporate innovation. Depending on the corporate’s position, they are able to create a tailored service towards them and help to accelerate their growth. This is offered in the form of intrapreneur sprint weeks, in-house accelerators, open innovation programs, innovation days, hackathons, startup incubation, training and tours. With a strong network, deep tech knowledge, the latest software and both corporate and startup backgrounds, they can adapt to any company and help them realise their best self. 

They are part of the larger Pioneers group, which also includes Pioneers Events, including a flagship meet up in Vienna, and a venture capital firm entitled Pioneers Discover. Given their experience working with startups, and their success pioneering some of the best innovations in the past few years, we are happy to have Pioneers onboard. If you want to learn more about what Pioneers do, simply head on over to their website now! Additionally, you can follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

If you are a consultancy firm or innovation incubator that wants to sponsor our Startup segment, please get in touch with Dr. Jubin Shah, our head of Exhibition, at jubin.Shah@xpomet.com. He’ll be happy to facilitate your request.

Photo Credit: Pioneers